Monday 13 June 2011

Knitting in Miniature...

....not that i can boast of ever having knitted in (what's the opposite of miniature? Giant? I've certainly never knitted in giant!) but there we go. Although, my only other finished knitted make so far is a scarf which ended up stretching quite a lot so i suppose it may be suitable for a giant....

Anyway, i digress. A few weeks ago, 3 weeks today in fact, one of my bestest friends had a baby, and i am now a very proud honoury auntie of a gorgeous little boy called Douglas (Dougie). I met him for the first time this weekend just gone, which was all very exciting :) Way back in April i first blogged about my baby cardigan, which has actually been a work in progress since Christmas (!!!). Well, i am pleased to announce that it is FINALLY finished and has been delivered to little Dougie :) I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, although it is by no means perfect so don't look too closely!

It was actually pretty easy to put together - the reason it took so long was because i am a very slow knitter! The arms seems really long to me, although i have been told that babies have long limbs, so lets hope this is true. I made the second size which i think is about 6-12 months, so hopefully it will be perfect for the winter. My favourite thing about this cardigan are the blue polka dot buttons, which you can only just see in the last blurry picture, but believe me they are very cute. I started the cardigan way before i knew my friend would have a boy, so i lucked out! Although there are pink flecks and i reckon it would have worked for either a boy or a girl. I have more friends expecting so perhaps there will be more of these cardigans in the future....hopefully the next run will be completed in less than 6 months!!!

My next knitted project will be a blanket that my mum and i are working on together, previously mentioned here. We will be doing a combination of knitted and crocheted squares. My mum is super speedy and has already completed about 50 squares. My contribution so far is...

Actually i may have done 2 more, but still, pretty pathetic in comparison! I think we worked out about 40 more are needed each, so i best get knitting!! Luckily these are in garter stitch and knit up pretty quickly, i just need to get into the habit of knitting while watching TV.

OK so I'm off to find out if i actually have anything in my cupboard which can reasonably been thrown together to make an acceptable dinner. I am feeling very snuffly and hayfevery today so i am after comfort food. Any other UK readers incredibly excited about the last episode of the current season of Glee which is on tonight? No? Just me?! Oh well...

K xx


  1. Aww, so cute!! :) I love the pretty pattern down the front. Knitting a blanket with your mum is lovely too :)
    Ashley x
    ps, I've been hayfevery today too. I feel your pain. lol

  2. Kat, the cardigan is just adorable!!! It looks perfect to me! I'm loving your contribution to the blanket too...hehe!

  3. Oh the cardigan is so cute! Well done! I don't have the patience to work out knitting patterns although I 'd like to so I only knit easy things.



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