Friday 8 July 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I am VERY excited to report that i have produce in my garden, for the first time ever! Usually i am not particularly green fingered (I kill cacti...true story!) but now i somehow seem to have managed to have nurtured living plants which have produced fruit (well, vegetables, but you get my drift). 

At the moment they are only very small, but hopefully they will soon grow big and strong...

Tiny peppers

Equally tiny tomatoes

I won't pretend that i grew these plants from dad did this and then gave them to me...but they are definitely flourishing. I can't wait for my first harvest!

Is anyone else dabbling in gardening this year? I will be interested to hear what everyone else is growing!

K xx


  1. Yay, well done! I don't have a garden, but I do have a well loved cactus that my OH named 'Furious George'. Yeah, the name kind of stuck lol
    Ashley x

  2. LOL -- I've killed a cactus too. It never told me how much water it really wanted. Congrats on your growing things -- I'm sure they'll be delicious!

  3. Hehe Ashley, Furious George is an awesome name for a cactus! I imagine him to be very spikey. And Andrea, i'm glad it's not just me!!



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