Tuesday 5 July 2011

One Sorbetto, two Sorbetto...

So it appears that i am joining the vast array of other bloggers who have fallen in love with the Sorbetto top. Last night i whipped up version two in a delightfully soft cotton i found at my favourite fabric stall in Leicester market over the weekend. I wasn't planning on making version two straight away, but i saw this fabric and it was just screaming "Sorbetto" at me! I bumped into Marie while i was there (caught in the act of fabric buying!) so she was lucky enough to get a sneak peak :) I think this fabric is much more me.

After making version one at the weekend i made a few minor adjustments to the pattern. I made it a tad longer again, and also i flared it out more over the hips. I think that this version is spot on, and perfect for the hot weather we are having at the moment!

I am especially proud of my french seams which make the inside look so neat...

I think that one of the reasons this pattern is so popular is that it is so easy to make. I literally made it last night, and was left with just the hemming to finish off this morning, which took all of 10 minutes. The basic pattern is also easily adaptable, for example i have seen a tunic version by Another Sewing Scientist which i just adore! 

I absolutely love the method shown in the pattern instructions for joining the ends of bias binding. Previously i have fiddled around with folding over and overlapping edges, which never gives a particularly neat finish. This pattern suggests sewing the two ends together across the tape (from top to bottom), trimming and pressing the seam and then sewing round across the join as for the rest of the tape. I hope this makes sense as i forgot to make pictures...the end result is a lovely neat join which is just fantastic. I will definitely be using this method in future every time i use bias binding!

Right i must get off to pack...i am off to a spa with my mummy for a few days which i am very much looking forward to...i could use the relaxation! 

Knitted Square Count: 10...i am taking my knitting to the spa though so hopefully this will increase over the next few days :)

K xx 


  1. Awesome second Sorbetto Kat, the fit of this one really is spot on! Sorbetto fever is definitely catching eh ;o)

    Thanks for linking to the tunic version too, very nice indeed!

  2. Ooh, very pretty! :) I might have to give this one a go.
    Hope you have a lovely time at the spa :)
    Ashley x

  3. This is a great version too, and you are right about the Sorbetto love going 'round. I'm generally not inclined to use download patterns (as I have no printer) but hm, I could try printing it really quick at work while nobody's looking ...

  4. I've never been Leicester market for fabric, is it good? which part of the market do you go to? I go by there but never know where to start, I could do with some ideas since I live so near to it. Also, is it expensive? thanks :) Its a pretty top by the way.

  5. Jenny - there are a few fabric stalls on Leicester Market, I usually go on a Saturday and I mostly go to one on the edge (sorry can't be more exact but if you walk round the Market, away from the fruit and veg, you can't miss it!). There is also another one a few stalls back. They have a great range of fabrics which range in price from £3-£6.99 per metre. The ones to the more expensive end tend to be beautiful liberty-type prints and altho they are pricy they are very wide so you get lots for your money. Also, there is a pretty good notions stall on a Monday. Hope this helps :)

  6. Also. Jenny, my second favourite place to buy fabric in Leicester is Fenwicks Haberdashery dept...they have a great range and often some good offers too.



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