Monday 18 July 2011

An Exciting Delivery and an Update

So this evening i came home to find an exciting delivery on my doormat. As soon as i saw the airmail envelope i knew what it contained. I carefully maneuvered my dripping bike around the package to avoid getting it wet. Poor Storm (my bike is called Storm because she is a Falcon Storm. Yes i am that original!), this was her first experience of rain, and it's been raining most of the day here, on and off. Good old British summer! My poor Tomato plants were also casualties of the horrible weather...i came home to find two of them had been knocked may have partially snapped at the main stem as well! My poor little plants, just as the have started to flourish with tomatoes. I have stabilised them and am hoping for the best....

Anyways, i digress. The exciting envelope contained my new Sewaholic patterns! I blogged about my growing addiction a few weeks ago when i pre-ordered the Lonsdale Dress (along with the Pendrell Blouse) and ever since then i have been eagerly anticipating their arrival. And now they are here!!!

I am so excited to start on these patterns, but i think i am going to have to force myself to complete some of my UFOs first! Anyway, am planning to join the Lonsdale Dress Sewalong which starts next week, so i shouldn't have too long to wait!

So, what have i been working on recently? Over the weekend i have...

- Completed another Bucket Bag for a friend

- Designed and started a cross-stitch which will become a card (to be revealed shortly!)

- Cut out muslin fabric for the New Look 6557, first blogged about here, which is to be one of two dresses for my Holiday Wardrobe Challenge (the other will hopefully be the Lonsdale dress!)

I also went to see the final Harry Potter film, which was awesome :) I can't believe it's over, but what a way to end!! 

So i don't think i have been completely unproductive :) However, over the next 4 and a half weeks i would like to complete two dresses and two Sorbettos, finish my cross-stitch and a good chunk of my knitted squares....i best get cracking!!

What are you planning at the moment? Is anyone else planning on joining in with the Lonsdale Sewalong?

Knitted Square Count: 15 (my mum has finished hers!!!)

K xx


  1. Oooh, how exciting! I hope mine are waiting for me when I get back from holiday...can't wait to pick out fabric for my Lonsdale sew-along.

    You sure have a lot on your 'to do/to sew list', excellent stuff! And you're making progress on the knitted square front too!!!

  2. What a lovely thing to get home too! :) Sounds like you had a busy weekend.
    Ashley x

  3. Good luck with the New Look dress (which view did you go for?) and the Lonsdale, can't wait to see your versions of both.


  4. Law, i went for view B in the end. I made the muslin yesterday and i love post in just a moment!



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