Tuesday 26 July 2011

Bobble and Ted's Excellent Adventures #1

Hello Everyone! As i hinted at in my blog post yesterday, i am pleased to introduce a very special bear....this is Ted!

Ted is travelling around the blogosphere to help Jane, who blogs at Daisy Donut raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. So far Jane has raised over £1000 for this fantastic cause, which is just brilliant...but I'm sure we can help her to get the total up even more! If you would like to host Ted for a week and/or make a donation, pop over to Jane's blog for all the details. I think Ted actually has a free slot coming up in 2 weeks time, so if you are quick he could be visiting your blog very shortly!

Ted's previous host Sarah had warned me that Ted was on his way, so when i got home today from my Mum's graduation to find a Royal Mail card on my doormat, i knew immediately that it would be Ted! To save him for a night at Royal Mail HQ i hopped on my bike and went to pick him up. He was very pleased to see me, as was his travelling companion Bobble the Owl. Regular readers of my blog will know that i have a bit of a thing for owls so i was delighted to welcome Bobble too.

Ted told me all about his exciting times with Sarah and showed me a sticker he got when he went to visit the sheep! Sadly it was looking a little worse for where from the travelling, so i suggested that he took it off for safekeeping. Ted had attended Sarah's PhD graduation this week and was now Dr Ted. I told him that not only had i attended my mum's graduation today, but i was also Dr Kat! I couldn't resist showing him my thesis...

However he seemed very relieved for an excuse to put it down when i suggested a cup of tea!

Afterwards i took Ted up to see my sewing space...

He asked what I'm working on at the moment and i told him all about the Lonsdale Dress Sew-Along which starts this week. I showed him the pattern and my fabric choice...i think he likes it!

I then took Ted to meet my bears, Bertie and Cocoa. I think they are going to really enjoy each other's company this week.

Ted and Bobble are now resting after their travels. However he is looking forward to our adventures! Check back all this week to see what we get up to...

K xx


  1. I'm so glad he arrived safely, and even more so that you like owls! Bobble will be very happy, also nice to see he is reading another thesis, he rather enjoyed mine.

    Can't wait to see what they get up to with you x

  2. Hehe, how cute! I love all the pictures you took, I'm sure he'll have a wonderful week with you ;o)



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