Tuesday 19 July 2011

New Look 6557 #1: Muslin

Last night i made up a muslin for the New Look 6557 dress.

After much deliberation i finally settled on view B for my first attempt. Partly because i like the way it looks on the model, and also because it seemed to have the simplest straps, and i wanted something nice and easy for my first attempt at a dress!

This pattern was actually really easy to sew...starting with the pieces cut out, i reckon it took me about 2 and a half hours, and that includes some faffing about on my part. I am really really pleased with the finished result...i love this dress!

The reason it looks like I'm holding my sides in is because i accidently ended up with my side seams on the outside...doh! I always seem to mix up the intended right and wrong sides of my muslin fabric (even when i write it on!) and end up with seams on both sides. Ah well. I am holding the seams in here so you can see the fit, but it really does look like this, honest!

I initially cut a size 16 according to my measurements, but the bodice ended up much to big so i think i probably could have got away with a 12. To account for this i took it in about 1.5 inches at each side seam, and probably more like 2 inches each side at the top of the seam as this was where there was most excess fabric. This seems to have done the job! I also took the hem up about 4 inches as it was much longer than i wanted.

I'm also pleased with my zip insertion - i think it's my neatest yet! This time i thought ahead and only basted it in, as it is my 'actual' zip, to make it easier to take out!

So overall I'm really pleased with how the muslin turned out. I think i may adjust the straps slightly... although they look alright, after running up and down the stairs a few times looking for my camera they were slipping off a bit. Also, I was thinking about adding interfacing to the bodice midriff to give it a bit more this a good idea do you think? If i did this, would i have to underline it too? I'm not sure about having interfacing-skin contact as it may feel quite rough, depending on which sort i use. Hmm. Other than that, i think i'm good to go with my fashion fabric! Here is my choice...

Look at me all organised with lining and bias and thread! I would love to get it finished in time to wear to my mum's PhD graduation next Tuesday. This may be a bit optimistic as these things always take longer than i think they will, but we shall see!

Knitted Square Count: Still 15...

K xx


  1. The muslin looks fantastic! Love your fashion fabric too! Can't wait to see it made up!

  2. It looks great! :) I think I would underline the midriff pieces instead of interfacing. Underlining would give it more body without being too stiff.
    I can't wait to see the finished dress! :)
    Ashley x

  3. Hi Kat,

    This looks fab. Wished I'd shortened the skirt more, i only took 2 inches off but it wasn't enough. I really need to take the hem up on my dress, then I'd wear it a lot more!

    I vote with Ashley on the underlining rather than interfacing.

    Can't wait to see the finished result :o)

  4. This looks amazing Kat!!! I'm with the underlining gang, interfacing makes stuff way too rigid sometimes! I hope you get it done in time for your mum's graduation!

  5. Super cute! This fits you like a dream!



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