Sunday 3 July 2011

Sorbetto Top

This weekend i finished my first Sorbetto top. The pattern is generously offered as a free download from Colette Patterns. There have been many many versions of this top seen around the blogosphere recently, most notably Marie has so far made three! Whenever i see the word 'sorbetto' i always want to sing the song from the cornetto advert....'Just one sorbetto....give it to me...'... Anyways, here is my first version of this pattern...i say first as i imagine there will be more!

(sorry for the lack of front-ways photos...i couldn't seem to get a well-lit one today, they all looked a bit odd!)

I made a few adjustments to my sorbetto muslin - i added an inch across the chest, graded down two sizes around the waist and added three inches to the length. The fit is good, although it is a little snug across the hips as when i extended the length i cut straight down rather than allowing for extra space. However this is easily fixed for next time, and it is not too much of a problem to make the top unwearable. The only problem is i'm not too sure about my fabric choice. I selected it mostly based on the feel, as it is wonderfully light and drapes really nicely. However, i usually tend towards darker colours and so i am not too sure about this. However i have already selected another beautifully soft cotton, this time black with a white print, so watch this space for my sorbetto version 2!

This is the first of three garments that i plan to make for my Holiday Wardrobe Challenge. I think it will be great in Vegas as it is very light, which hopefully means cool! The next two are dresses which i imagine will be much tricker...i best get a move on! However, this afternoon instead of starting a dress muslin....i made pants!

Remember this kit, which i was given for my birthday?


Well, this afternoon it became these!

I won't pretend that the sewing here is the neatest i've ever done, as it was a bit fiddly, but i am pleased with the end result! They were pretty quick to make too. I have long admired the beautiful creations from Ohhh Lulu so it was fun to dabble in this area of sewing! Now i really must get into a dress frame of mind...

Knitted Square Count: 10

K xx


  1. The top is lovely, I love the fabric :)
    Ah, pants!! Teehee, they're soooo cute!! The frilly bit round the edge is adorable!
    Ashley x

  2. Kat, your Sorbetto's great and I seriously think the fabric's lovely. Please wear it! I look forward to seeing your next one, after my sneak peak of your fabric ;o)

    Oh and the knickers are the fabric!xx

  3. You Sorbetto is really pretty. The print is great.

    I want to make this top, but am unsure how flattering it will be on me un-tucked in.

  4. I love the fabric you chose for your Sorbetto! The purple trim frames the floral nicely. The knickers are cute too!

  5. Ooh, those pants are cute (that sounds odd!) very nice colors thought, and the peachy pink lace goes with the brown well. Of course, the top is cute too, the purple trim complements it perfectly.

  6. Thanks everyone :) Law, i was worried about how the top would look untucked too, but i think if you choose a really thin fabric then the effect is floaty rather than unshapely...perfect for a holiday top.



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