Friday 1 July 2011

Summing up 6 Months of Sewing

I can't believe it's July already...this year is going by so quickly! It was around 6 months ago, just after Christmas, that i first started sewing. Inspired by the "6 month review" i have seen a number of other bloggers do this week, i thought it would be a good chance for me to look back on my first 6 months of sewing!

So far i have made...

one chunky scarf


a couple of cushion covers


three bags (the third one was the same style as the second one shown here)


some little purses


some beaded jewellery


one Crescent skirt

and one baby cardigan

I'm pretty pleased with everything i have made so far. I think that the item i am most proud of is the Crescent skirt. As well as being my first garment, this is by far the most complicated make i have attempted to date, and i love it! 

So, what do the next 6 months hold? My aims for the rest of the year include...

- Three new makes for my Holiday Wardrobe Challenge

- Finish my share of the knitted squares for the blanket i am making with my mum

- Knit another baby cardigan

- Make some more small bags, purses and other small items with a view to attending my first craft fair

- Handmake at least a considerable portion of this year's Christmas presents (i know, i know, it's July, but forward planning is required here!)

These may be slightly ambitious, but we will see....!

In other news, i have almost finished my first sorbetto top, i just need to buy some more bias binding to complete one of the sleeves and then i'm done! I have a relatively free weekend so am looking forward to getting lots of sewing this space!

Knitted Square Count: 9 and a bit

K xx


  1. Wow you've had a great year so far! I'm sure it'll keep getting better :)
    I'm already planning xmas makes too!
    Ashley x

  2. You've achieved so much in 6 months Kat and I like your aims for the next 6 months. Definitely achievable methinks!!!

    Do you have a particular craft fair in mind, or just any craft fair? Could be loads of fun ;o)

  3. Ashley - I'm glad it's not just me :)

    Marie - I am quite interested in the Clarendon Park Christmas Fair if they have one...I checked out the Summer one a few weeks back and they had a load of crafty peeps that seemed to be getting a lot of interest, and around Christmas people are always up for handmade gifts! Otherwise I'm not sure yet. I'd probably look to have half a stall as it can be quite pricy.



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